The AUTOPSY Of A Cheating Man
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Shonda Sheree Brown
"So in love with your book and I thank you and your brother for the time you invested into it! We (women) need to hear these things because openness is a rare trait and unfortunately "real confessions" don't happen as often as they should and I believe that's why relationships become so tattered...some parties aren't humble enough to be vulnerable and others don't know how to receive or give. Love the encouraging literary work! #Proverbs 31woman"
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Amy J Andre
"This book is awesome...i enjoyed hearing the cold truth, but realized the importance of the actions of women have on men. This book sheds light on the perspective men have, things they are usually quiet about to avoid argument. Communication is key! This book is written using the Bible as a tool and showing the intent God has for real relationships that rely on God for guidance. Thanks for publishing such a great book!" 
Anonymous Woman
"I have to be honest, when I first started reading this book I was very upset, but after I continued reading to understand more of where men are coming from, it challenged me as a woman to make some changes within so that I could be the type of woman specifically for my man"
Anonymous Man
"I believe that by my wife and I reading this book, it saved my relationship. There were so many things that I wanted to say to her, but didn't have the courage to say them because of fear of hurting her. Through this book I was able to relate to a lot of the things in it and allow the book to speak truth on my behalf. It was kind of fearful to go over this information with her, but it was necessary. Now we're BOTH making the proper adjustments to make our relationship last." 
"The Autopsy of a Cheating Man will scare the heXX out of any man! A man will definitely need to know what type of woman he's involved with after reading this book! But you never know what type of woman you have until she's been scorned.... 
Patricia A.
Overall, a good book. It gives a lot of insight into the minds of men (what they think and why they may stray).
 I was surprised to see how little it takes for them to stray ( Temptation starts in the mind).And how innocently it can start. Guard your hearts men! One last thought, I would like to see a book on the woman’s view. Temptation is very different for a woman ( men are visual, we are not). As a married woman after reading this book, I won’t take anything for granted (anymore).
Linda D.
Opening The Minds of Women Through The Truth About Men