The AUTOPSY Of A Cheating Man
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Manhood Achieved ONLY By Faith
When does one enter into "MANHOOD"? What makes a boy a man? What defines a true man? Well we can with certainty say what does NOT make one a man.  Just because one is a male does not make him a man. Having a child does not make one a man. We can also say that being a particular age does not make one a man. So what does make one a man? A true man can only be one who lays down his life for the lives of others. Now I'm not talking about his physical life, but his daily living. A real man puts his children's needs in front of his own, spends time with them in order to KNOW what their strengths and weaknesses are in order to help them become the best person they are to be. A real man first of all MARRIES a woman and also lays down his life for her, protects her, cherishes her, dates her, loves her unconditionally, loves her like he loves himself, is patient with her, understanding towards her. A real man also keeps his parents in honorable position, remembering that to them he's still a SON, being respectful of them and considerate of their age and needs. A real man does whatever he has to do legally to provide for his family by working with his hands or his mind to keep a roof over the head of his family, clothes on their backs, and food on the table.  If you notice in all of this, everything a real man does is to benefit someone else. He does nothing for himself. How does one become this real man? This type of manhood is entered into ONLY by faith in Christ, or more specifically, belief in what God has done in Christ on our behalf. Faith in Christ makes a man die to his own needs and look on the needs of others. This is true manhood.