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Dated me, MARRIED her!

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Does this sound familiar? When you had him, you were together for years! However, he never proposed, never hinted at, never even considered getting married. So what did you do? You gave him a choice: either we get married or we're done! No need to keep wasting time. Then as soon as you break-up, what happens? You hear about him being engaged and shortly after...he actually married someone else. Why does this happen? Why didn't he marry the first lady? Why did he quickly marry someone else?

Here is our take on this. It '"could" be simply this: Over time, he finally came to realize what his "type" of lady really is...and it was not you. "could" be his ego was hurt when you gave him the choice. Or even...he recently met this woman while he was with you. So he's been getting to know her and she was not willing to date without a purpose or a goal...such as marriage. Let us know your thoughts on this.

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